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    I posted a number of months ago under this thread title. I have been off this board for quite some time. But, have stopped by now and then - but not often. I have never stopped trading. When I first started trading options, I got a lot of good feedback. Other's said I didn't have enough capital to make a go of it (not true). Some feedback said stay away, options is a sucker's game. othres pointed out my ignorance and made a point of it -- but only one or two. Most responses were encouraging, helpful and educational. I learned and read everything about options - McMillan, Natenberg and Cottle (never finished all of Cottle though). I understand the theory the greeks, all that stuff. Not as much as many of you that are professional traders, but I get it.

    I never blew out or lost a tremendous amount of money. I always had a concept of money management But, options were not profitable for me. Even though I made some winning trades

    I remember though, a couple people told me -- after my first post or so, don't do options -- do eminis. Well after a rough start with eminis, I got it and have been consistently doing well with it. I know the rules of discipline and pretty much stick with them. I also know, you have to trade based on your own method, you can learn from others but you can't copy from others. If you copy others, you'll lose. Your method has to be you. I know the basics of technical analysis mainly candle sticks, but confirm with other studies. Mainly I play momentum. Usually, I am at cash at the end of the day. I am happy with a lot of singles. I don't go for home runs and I don't double down after a loss. It doesn't have to be overly complicated. But emotion and greed are deadly. Cold analytical discipline is what I trade by -- but that doesn't mean I don't use my gut. But, my instincts must be confirmed by the technicals, before I trade. I don't bet the farm. Of course, I put stop on everything I trade.

    So going back a number of months for those couple of you who said, do eminis - for me that was the way to go. Options are good. I still use them. But for me it is eminis primarily. So, I doubt those couple of people whoever posted those posts on eminis remember or will read this.

    You got to find your own way in this game. What is right for one, will not be right for the other.

    I don't see a lot of the old user names that were posting when I was posting. Maybe you are under a different user name now.

    I'm still around. Still trading.