I am new in trading

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  1. azeeem65


    I am new in trading kindly guide me how to do ?
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  2. Nobert


    Hey aze.

    That sounds lazy. No point in teaching someone with that attitude.

    Come back with the text of :

    ,, I tried this, this , this, this, this ,this and this and most of the things haven't worked out, but in these few areas i made some progress.
    I think im doing this and this wrong, -
    can someone explain me what i am missing ?
    Thank you.''

    Then we can talk.

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  3. El Trado

    El Trado

    Don't discourage the lazy ones. They keep the whole "Pay for becoming a better trader"-course universe going. They are the ones that make sure that all the useless traders actually can make a living writing books like "Be a trading millionaire" and those are the ones that are ensuring that there is always someone that are willing to take over a trade that is going south.

    So all power to you azeeem65, if you have money you are willing to part with, but no initiative to actually ensuring that you will learn....

    Ok. I will give you a few hints: Read a lot of books about finance. Not only about trading. Actually almost none about trading, because most of those are junk. But you need to understand the markets. Start with the old ones. For example the ones from the 1920s and 30s that are still relevant, and move forward. Get thru at least 1000 books.

    Then open a training account where you can practice trading, without risking real money. When you are successful there over at least 6 months, you can start a small account with real money...

    Ok. Maybe a longer path than you wanted to hear. But that is the path that works. Any shortcut is most likely going to lead to you losing your money or even worse, lose them to a scammer that will promise to "learn you how to trade".

    Most people are not willing to take that path. And that's why it say on many broker-websites something along the lines of "80 % of investor accounts lose money when trading with this provider."
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  4. speedo


    Buy low, sell high
  5. Turveyd


    Errrmm, setup account, install software, then click buy or sell, wait awhile, then click Close hey presto your trading.

    Buy on the way up
    Sell on the way down.

    Don't pick bottoms, you'll just get smelly fingers.

    Come back when you've got 10years experience, maybe I'd of cracked it by then LOL
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  6. TheFoot


    I'm pretty new too but I believe joking a side out really comes down to this lol
  7. 931


    Perhaps look even older books , 1920 and 30s is recent stuff.

    TBH IMO not much has changed in human nature over 2k years.

    Then there might not even have been so much BS as today on paper.

    In bible jesus say money changers are schemers etc.

    Is this really what you want to become?
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  8. El Trado

    El Trado

    Yes. Wisdom of crowds are older as an example. But I was really thinking about letting him getting of easy, so he could start with Reminiscence of a stock operator which is from early 30s I believe. So is Security Analysis.
  9. 931


    I just BS random stuff. Dont mind me.
  10. %%
    Get a public library card or 3;
    + private library also. Trade out of investment profits; I honked @ an old timer today almost ran into him=DONT walk around texting on phone in a parking lot/anywhere…………………………….
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