"I am my own man" Trading vs Golf

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  1. FWIW, i found it interesting this morning watching the Ryder cup and Tiger Woods. I have related the "HEAD" games involved in trading with golf for a long time.

    Tiger is a champion for sure, the guy seems to thrive on stress within the game.

    BUT, whenever he plays with a partner, be it in the Ryder Cup or whatever, he is not the same TIGER. he has not made a birdie in 11 holes and has missed 3 "gimmies".

    Relate this to trading, some of us are as we are and thats all there is to it. i do not post trades and if anyone comes over when i am trading and ask how i am doing, i say: lousy...:D

    Point being: we are who we are and thats it. Tiger has a different head on shoulders when he plays with someone else.

    What was the song? head games. LOL
    have a good weekend. thks.

    I bet many can relate to tigers problems as he is not playing HIS GAME.
  2. "Golf is Not a Game of Perfect" by Dr. Bob Rotella is a great book to read to help you with your trading. The psychology of trading is so important and this book helps.
  3. Yeah the mental side is important but, IF YOU DON'T HAVE AN EDGE NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.

    1) You've got to have a good entry - that's like getting the tee shot in the short grass. You have to set yourself up for a good approach shot - you have to set yourself up to manage a trade that has a reasonable chance of winning.

    2) Having said that, it's the exits that are important - kind of like being able to putt well.

    But like I said, if you don't have an edge you don't have anything...
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    I'm sorry guys, but I'm new at trading and english isn't my native language, so... what d'you exactly mean by "edge"??

    thanks in advance for the reply...

  5. Tiger greatest strength is that he has mastered being "in the moment"...
    A very common thread through most spiritual discipline.

    He may blow a shot...
    Be angry and act out for a few seconds...
    But by the time he approaches the next shot minutes later...
    The past and the future do not exist...
    On the the present moment and the shot at hand.

    This is directly applicable to trading...
    But mastering "spiritual disciplines" is always a "hard road".

    People who seek "easy roads" in life...
    Never challenge themselves enough to grow and accomplish much of anything.