I am Metal 52 But I Like Metal 46 Way Much Better!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Metal52, Jan 28, 2008.

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    Both 46 and 52 are very good. But today I like 46 better.

    No. 46 is palladium. See how PAL and SWC are doing these days. Awesome! Any soure grape here?

  2. Not more of this...
  3. i have a bouddha statue in my living room made of paladium, its an awesome shiny metal for sure
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    Time to ban any meantioning of any metals. Traders are interested in only paper, not metals. Also ban any meantioning of the number 46, palladium.

    I was a silver bug. But then I discover that silver s*cks that it tarnishes in polluted air. Palladium is way much better and it never tarnishes.
  5. Since Pal was up today you just had to know this asswipe would be back.
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    I thought you didn't pay attention to PAL any more?

    Or was it my making that the was a huge problem in South Africa's electric grid system?
  7. I don't follow pal, but since you posted I figured I would look.

    You're the only long term trader I know of that keeps their eye on the daily moves of a stock. If it's going to 100 just set a reminder with your broker to notify you when it gets near 90. Then watch it day by day.

  8. Moderator, request you ban this IP address as this jackass will just keep coming back with new names each time you ban an old one.
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    I have to watch PAL day to day even though my investment goal is long term. That's because I want to maximize my profit.

    Look if PAL goes up 30 fold, and I only buy and hold, then I make only 30 fold. That's boring. Why not make 27,000 fold?

    You can make 27,000 by simply maintaining your margin at 33.333%, no more and no less. If it goes up you buy some more using your buying power. If it drops you promptly sell some. Stick to 1/3 margin. I explained it already.
  10. Oh, so you're ignorant, and greedy. Great combination.
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