i am looking to obtain a seasonal chart

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  1. i know that this isnt related, but there isnt any forum's on ET for currency futures, only forex. i am looking to obtain a seasonal chart for the euro futures. can anyone help me find one? i looked everywhere. i can only find seasonal charts for the yen,swiss franc, dollar index canadian dollar and the pound. i think the reason is because the euro is a young currency,
    if someone can help me find one please let me know.
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    You didn't mention where you've looked. There may be something at MRCI:


  3. The swiss & euro should have very high correlation. You could use the swiss or the old d-mark as a proxy instead.
  4. i know about that site. they have for the currencies nothing on the euro
  5. i know of thissite as well. they have for the currencies like i mentioned in my thread nothing on the euro. i need a seasonal for the euro.
  6. My man the currencies are there in pairs - there is no Euro only Euro/USD .