I am Looking for these Books

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  1. Hi,

    If anybody has any of these books, will you please send me a private e mail ?

    (1) Momentum, Direction & Divergence :
    Pinpointing Market Extremes—Theory and Practice

    By :William Blau

    ISBN NO : 04711-5538-1

    (2) Trading with Oscillators :
    Pinpointing Market Extremes—Theory and Practice

    By : Mark Etzkorn

    ISBN NO :04711-5538-1

    (3) Momentum Stock Selection: Using The Momentum Method For Maximum Profits

    By: Bernstein, Jake

    ISBN NO :00713-7677-1

    (4) Trading on Momentum: Advanced Techniques for High Percentage Day Trading ( ebook )

    ASIN: 0071370684

    (5) The Illustrated Guide to Technical Analysis Signals and Phrases (ebook)

    by Constance Brown

    ISBN: 0071442073

    (6) Technical Analysis for the Trading Professional (Hardcover)

    by Constance Brown

    ISBN: 0070120625

    (7) High Probability trading (Hardcover)

    "How To Make Money Performing Vascular Surgery Using Household Tools and Kitchen Utensils..."

    by Marcel Link

    ISBN: 0071381562

    (8) Turning point analysis in price and time: 16 precise methods to anticipate market turns and pinpoint highs and lows

    by Joseph T Duffy

    ASIN : B0006-QIGQ-I

    (9) Cybernetic Trading Strategies: Developing a Profitable Trading System with State-of-the-Art Technologies (Hardcover)

    by Murray A. Ruggiero "

    ISBN: 0471149209

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    where do you get this list?
  3. i would suggest these books also ---

    Steidlmayer on Markets
    Peter Steidlmayer

    Mind over Markets

    Technical Analysis and Stock Market Profits
    Richard Schabacker, Donald Mack

    Technical Analysis of Stock Trends
    Robert D. Edwards and John Magee
  4. nkhoi,

    I was looking for some tech analysis material to learn the markets & came up with this by reading the description of the books.

    Have you read any of them or have any of them ?
  5. Nice, now it is quite possible that you'll receive a plethora of PMs from snake-oil merchants who slither amongst us on ET, offering you courses, books, etc...

    Be careful. Question everything.
  6. FredBloggs

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    lol - and i thought it was because you were short of door stops.

    my advise would be to save yourself a lot of time and skip reading these books.

    your time is much better spent looking at the screen and studying charts first hand.

    if any of the setups or patterns you learn in these books were of any use, we'd all be billionaires. most of et arent.

    if you must read anything, then its these 2 books:

    reminiscences of a stock operator - lefevre

    the disciplined trader - douglas

    and perhaps...

    the nature of risk - mamis

    you cant teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar (or in a book)
  7. wdscott


    I especially like your book #7. This is the most valuable book listed. I learned vascular surgery in one weekend !!!
    My wife hates when I meander into the kithen looking for some new utensils to practice with!!!

    (7) High Probability trading (Hardcover)

    "How To Make Money Performing Vascular Surgery Using Household Tools and Kitchen Utensils..."

    by Marcel Link

    Dave :D :D :D

  8. Thank you for the feed back. This does help ruling out unnecessary stuff.
  9. zdreg


    why weree you trying to buy from other ET posters instead of from reputable booksellers.
  10. Fade - Probably he should ask for lists of trading books that other traders would want to sell. Then he should find the books not on those lists. :D
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