I am looking for full time traders in Milan

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Vindago, Jan 20, 2017.

  1. Vindago


    Hi I am a full time trader, I have recently moved to Milan after several years abroad.

    I am trading full time from home and while I am consistently profitable I am often bored by the lack of interaction with other people/traders.

    I would like to find traders residing in Milan that feels the same and may be interested in discussing the possibility of setting up a trading room.
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  3. comagnum


    I spent some time in Intra, the outskirts of Milan. Beautiful place/people/food/views/art/coffee!
  4. Vindago


    thanks but not what I had in mind...
  5. wrbtrader



    What exactly are you looking for so that others don't have to guess ?

    I know a few traders in the Milan area looking for others to interact with in person in the area. They are lurkers (not active posters) of this forum.
  6. Overnight


    Trading profitably is a boring business. Why don't you find traders on an Italian website? It's so sexy over there.

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  7. Vindago


    Trading profitably is a boring business indeed... get in, get out, bank profit...boring! that's exactly the reason why I am looking for other traders in Milan: to alternate boredom with socialization.

    by the way forum in italian are terrible full of clueless traders and hopeless newbi
  8. wrbtrader


    If you're just looking for socialization because you're bored...join a exercise gym or something.

    Don't misunderstand, I'm not being sarcastic. I think others that may be interested aren't really looking to hangout with someone that's just bored and looking for socialization. They're probably looking for someone that can bring something to the table so that they can feel like they're on equal levels.

    I only say that because I was a member of a trading room in Seattle many years ago. Yet, there was another group and I ignored them because when I ask them why they formed the trading room (they had a very nice office)...they were bored and looking to socialize with other traders.

    The group I joined, we had similar like interests and that's because they explained to me what they did and why they wanted to form a trading room (there was only 5 of us...great group for several years until folks started moving away).