I am looking for “job” training experience opportunity.

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    Hello I am new to Elite Trader, my name is Fabio and I am based in London, I have been researching, studying and trading the markets just over 1 year. I have a good understanding about technical analysis, money management, psychology and market mechanics etc... I have reads authors like Jonh Murphy, Jack Schwager, Mark Douglas, Williams O’neil, etc... On my journey I traded forex, commodities, stocks and futures, of course I know the difference between those markets. I have been trading really small lot sizes for risk control purpose, well if you are undercapitalization there is no much you can do about position size.
    The trading platforms that I am very familiar with are Ninja Trader, Multi Charts, and Meta Trader etc...

    Trading the markets is what I want to do for the rest of my life, but I know that I need to improve myself constantly, for this reason I am looking for a well experienced private trader or financial advisor [CTA ], who I could help in one away or another by working for free or a very small compensation, doing whatever you need me to do, but someone who could mentor me and show me de right directions. I am very responsible and flexible person also hard working, smart and I learn things really quick.

    Please if you believe you are able to make any offer, if you know someone who would be interested or if you have any kind of suggestion, please do not hesitate to contact me

    Kind Regards,

    Fabio C.