I am looking for a Trading Job...HELP !!!

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by TheSorcerer, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. You can't be serious.

    No .... really.....you're f***king kidding right?

    Are you F***ing insane? A Psychopath with a touch of mental retardation? A few weeks ago you were posting pissant posts requesting "underground" material since you were just learning how to trade.

    You do realize you can go to jail for posting the stock gibberish on youtube?
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  2. BULnBear Guy, LOL,

    Perfect guy for ET's Chat site as most of you Eter's are A$% Clowns.

    At least this guy puts his face behind his bull&$^, while most on ET hide behind their keyboards as {profitable} traders.

    So who is worse, the fool who hides behind the Curtain, or the Fool who has no Curtain to hide behind.
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  3. That's really sad man, but with answers like that, I don't how you expect anyone to take you seriously, or be the least bit interested in helping you. :(


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  4. Guess that's the wrong answer... but, none of these interviewers don't know how much of a shitty question that is.

    Of course, the right answer would be.. I would still be around in 10 years, working my butt off and making money.

    But, the real answer is: Most likley, I wish I was retired down by the beach sipping martinis etc etc...

    What the hell question is this... !!!
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  5. Benign


    Sorry but you need to specify what you are looking for.
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  6. An opportunity to sharpen my trading skills. Preferably a place with good training. I've been sending my resumes out to mostly props as well as some hedge fund opportunities I have seen online.
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