I am looking for a Trading Job...HELP !!!

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  1. Actually, what I need is a Resume critique from a trading perspective. If you have some ability/skills to decipher Resumes and what the employers want.. please send me your email, and I will attach it to you. Or else, if you don't prefer to give out your email, then I think I could just private it to you. But, not sure if the PM allows me to send you the whole thing.
  2. Trading jobs are all going to quant guys who can program. The day of the Trader as we know it are gone.
    It is being taken over by algos, bots, etc.....sorry to smack you with this reality.
  3. Trading what, is the question? Still lots of otc trading from fob grain, energy, shipping, etc. Can't be replaced by a bot easily.

  4. Ok do not listen to this guy because he is obviously someone who can't trade worth a damn and is therefore blaming it on the "quants and bots". These guys don't run the market and even in the markets like fixed income where they are very present that doesnt mean you can't make money in those markets. I know a lot of guys who trade bonds intra day and are very profitable.

    As long as the market moves and you can predict its movements then how can you not make money in these markets? The quants and bots don't stop the market from moving.

    If you can trade I would recommend trading for yourself. If you can't trade then get a job as a broker or something and learn the ins and outs of a market and then go trade it.

    Good luck its a great industry to be in if you can handle it.
  5. Please submit your resume to us, we are looking to fill an Analyst/Commentator position for our company, Bull n' Beara Analytics.

    Thank you
  6. I am not saying you cannot trade on your own and make money. I am saying finding a job as a Trader is extremely difficult. Numbers don't lie. There are 260,000 less traders than 5 years ago both on the buyside/market making combined.

  7. How much is the starting salary?... Just curious
  8. I tried using this sight as some kind of network myself, but rather unsuccessfully.
    Apart from few individuals, nobody else chimed in. Maybe cause most are in same deep s***t. Who knows.
    Good luck to you, if you want exchange resumes to compare, PM me.
  9. minmike


    What kind of job are you looking for? Where are you? Lots of people with experience are out on the street, but it can still be done.
  10. Can someone help me how to answer this question:

    Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Me: DEAD.. most likely, since my father didn't live past 30 yrs old.

    Can I answer that, or is that not good?
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