I am looking for a software with this feature

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by clearpicks, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. I am looking for an order management software as a front end of IB TWS which has the following features:

    1. It should be able to diffenrentiate buy/sell orders with buy-to-cover and sell-to-close orders. For example, I should be able to decide whether a buy order is to buy some contracts to open a position or to buy some contracts to close an existing long position. If it is the latter case and I am shorting multiple contracts in my account, I should be able to specify which contract to be covered, thus the realized P/L is calculated based on the entry price of that specified contract(s).

    2. All positions corresponding to the same instrument are listed in a table with columns: symbol, action (long/short), entry, # of contracts, P/L, close button. The "close button" column is used for displaying "Close" button so that once the "Close" button is clicked, the position corresponding to that row is closed immediately. The positions are grouped into two sections (long and short) in the table and sorted with their entry prices respectively. Target and stop columns can also be included in the table.

    3. All closed positions are listed in a third table (summary table).

    I have tried quite a few trading softwares and could not find one with similar features. The buttontrader can independently manage multiple "stategies", therefore it is able to explicitly manage each lot, however it waste too much screen space if I open multiple positions at the same time. It seems each running strategy is equivalent to a row in my table while the former provides a more convenient way to modify the target, stop, etc. while the latter one has simpler layout.

    If any other broker's platform has similar feature as I describe above, I am even willing to consider to switch to it.

    - Clearpicks