I am looking for a "J hook" book

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  1. I am looking for a book that had something to do about trading
    j hooks. I cannot remember the author or the name of
    the book. I was wondering if anyone knows which book this
    might be. I believe it was about trading ES and NQ.

  2. joe ross' hook?
  3. No, it wasn't the Ross Hook, it was called the "J" hook. But I
    bet it was similar to the Ross Hook...

  4. I don't know anything about a book mentioning a j-hook but there is a website www.patterntrapper.com mentioning it as a reversal pattern. The website also mentions a book "A Guide to using the Pattern Trapper" by Bob Hunt so that might be it. There is a condensed version of the book on the website. Hope this helps.
  5. buzzy2

    I have checked out this website before and this is not where I
    saw the book I am looking for. It was either at Amazon or
    Trader's Library or somewhere else. I have scoured both
    websites and it isn't at either. Maybe I was at some obscure
    website and it was a book that was there. I will probably
    never find it! Oh well, you find some you lose some... you
    should of bought it when it was staring you in the face...

    By the way, do you have any of the Ross books? Any good
    ideas in them?

    And why don't we have a book review section on futures
    here at EliteTrader?

    Does anyone realize you can only put these smilies at the
    end of your post?

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  7. Wow. Totally cool website. Thanks for the link!

  8. And now the next question is: Are Joe Ross's books worth the
    money? And has anyone anything good to say about his courses?
  9. :confused: Hmmm, are you :p sure? :cool:
  10. Here is a link to a review of Joe Ross books by the late Bruce Babcock. http://www.webtrading.com/ross.htm You have to go down aways to find the comments.

    I have the book 'Trading the Ross Hook'. Someone recommended the Ross Hook to me, but I am not of the impression that it's anything great. Ross's approach to Money Management is crazy as talked about by Bruce Babcock. All in all I would not buy another one of his books.

    Incidentally I don't remember where but I saw the Ross hook explained somewhere on the web for free by Joe Ross. Maybe someone else remembers where this is.
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