I am looking for a good prop in Chicago!

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  1. Hello my name is Nathan Gresham. I am young, intelligent and focused on becoming an elite trader. Since I am not married, nor have children I am moving to Chicago this week from Oklahoma(Norman, home of the University of Oklahoma) in order to be right where all the action is at the CME,CBOT and CBOE.

    I am looking for a excellent prop firm. I wish to focus on Emini products, however wouldn't mind trading currency futures, softs, grains and/or options on these products. I would consider trading equities only if I was allowed to trade options on them.

    I am extremely motivated, have excellent qualities and work extremely well with others. Quiet and focused when the trade is on and relaxed and easygoing when not in a trade, I would bring synergy to any trading room.

    I really want to focus on one trading vehicle, so I may master it after a period of time. Would like to focus on the CME/CBOT products, however I wouldn't leave options off of the table if the strategies where proven and returned excelllent results.

    If you would like to add a dynamic member to your team, one that would add to the success and happiness of all, then send a email giving details of the opportunity, contact information and how your prop works to NathanGresham1@yahoo.com(or just send me a PM) and I will get back to you ASAP.

    Thank You, have a very profitable day!

    Nathan Gresham:)
  2. Quite aware of that list, however, thanks any way! Knew the DOW and S & P would tank today! Hege funds where setting the market up for the fall! Can't fool this retail trader. Could have made 20k so far trading the ES! Man, I need a futures account, just with lousy TDAmeritrade, can't trade commodities.

    Or better yet a T1 connect right into the exchange floor using X Trader or Ninja Trader! Do you run a prop in Chicago? IF you do send me a PM so I can get started!:)
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    Only 20k on a day like this? Think about a new career, that isnt much with this volatility.
  4. don't get too excited it takes at least 2-3 years to make $ consistently trading futures and you will probably go through your own money and/or go to 3-4 firms before you make it, (if you ever do) I know because I did. It's just how it works.
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    Oh boy.

  6. Ok first of all When I posted the S & P was only down 20pts, ended the day at 40pts. I would have gone short 20 contracts of ES if I could premarket and rode them all day. So if would have been 40k. (2) I think with the right set up I could trade as good as Redmond(DAX trader in London) and get to 100-200 contracts. I am getting very good at knowing when we are going to have these 30-40pt up or down days in the ES. 1 trade and you make big $$$$$$!

    To answer the other guy. There seems to be a bias on ET that you have to go through the school of hard knocks for years before you are profitable. This I do not believe at all, not in the least.

    I have blown out 2 accounts, not because I can't find the big score/winners, I am very good at that. It's because I wouldn't take my profits and let huge profits go back to the market. I can not and will not do this any more, I can't afford it:) . First account started with 10k, in under 2 months had it to 97k, gave it back.

    Second account took 3k to 80k(options) and gave it back. No more will this happen. It's not the money you lose that's the problem, IMO, it's the FURTHER OPPORTUNITIES you miss out on becuase you have to reinvest.

    Tech/Charts got it down. News/Sentiment, that to. Tape reading, getting real good at it. What do I need and what do I seek? A prop that has a T1 connection to the CME/CBOT floor to where I can trade the Eminis/softs/grains in an enironment that exudes success and proper risk management.

    If you can provide this or know someone that can. then please do respond, if you can't then no offense I do not want to hear your "genuis" market advice. I started this thread to maybe someone could lead me to the right prop, if you wish to post information other than what I desire/specify then have the courtesy to do it somewhere else!:)

    Now any good futures prop shops that need a competant and quick trader out there?:) :)

    P.S. I do not wish to sit and multiscalp for a equity prop so they can have half my profits in commissions. I am currently trading equities and equities options in my third account and yes, I am taking profits. Futures is where I want to go, so the mention of only futues firms please(if you know of any hiring!):)
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    Why short only 20 lots ? Why not 2000 ?

    2 Blowouts and now you have it all down. Talk to Tim Sykes on here, he might hire you. You guys seem alike.
  8. Yeah I can see ou are a genuis, idiot. Go read about any trader that has made over 100 million and the same happened to them. I am much the wiser for it know and outtrade you, that's for sure. I didn't ask for nor need the offtopic posts. I will find a prop that fits my needs on my own and in effect will not forget that you do indeed have a ton of idiots on ET.
  9. FYI,
    now that you have been well how do I put it? Been a cocky ass on ET (without ever putting on a futures trade which is about two or three times as hard as an options trade-intra day that is)with your real name - well you never know who reads this. Just a bit of advice from someone who has been in the business be humble, tell the truth and never burn bridges...because everyone in Chicago knows each other and has worked or has friends in a lot of firms.
    P.S. You will not be able to trade 20 lots as a newbie and will have a tight risk parameter I wish you good luck.
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