I am looking at a new strategy.

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  1. Collect the barometric pressure over NYC, temperature and wind and include eastern tide information + moonphase.

    Use the data and see if I can fit the S&P and develop a quantitate strategy based on weather/tide/moonphase.

    There have been known psychological effects due to the physical characteristics of the environment and I am wondering if this causes a bearish or bullish tendency on the floor traders and MMs on the NYSE.
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    well its a good question on how people actually use this to trade... some days are better days to statistically trade in a direction ... so maybe if moon phases fall on certain days or cycles then..... you know what im getting at... i would base my data on statistical information for the DAY then see on what days moonphases begin on and measure the reactions on that day.. im not sure that tide would be much of an effect because isnt it brought in by moon cycles if so you would just end up with tides matching moon phases.

    interested to see where you go how you get there and what you figure out... if ur serious... of course interested purely in seeing what happens for the novelty
  3. what a huge waste of time
  4. New? LOL

    "Tides In The Affairs Of Men" by Edgar Lawrence Smith was published 70 years ago in 1939.

    "Nae man can tether time or tide" – Robert Burns, 1791 :cool:
  5. acutally if certain things happen on certain days and it just so happens things are tied in on the same days and he shows he can make money two things we know happen... either it works and its not that crazy(not so sure about this one) or he makes money with close to random entries and profits come from his trade/money management and discretion... either way its interesting..