i am junkie, how can i become clean ?

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  1. i am unfortunately addicted to this f$cking trading sh$t.
    How can i become finally clean of it......

    I wanna never trade again in my life and i want never think about it........

    Any useful advice how to retire correct?
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    How about having some self control and just stop?
  3. That is not so EASY.

    Like any other addiction i had in my short life, it always was hard.

    I quit smoking cannabis finally 3 years ago, after 7 years of consuming every day too much.....i hated it in the end...i only had problems because of that and it made my schizophrene in the end.....

    Smoking tobacco, i have quit a few times in my life but i always have come back to it finally i accepted it to like tobacco. Its ok.

    I dont drink much alcohol. no problem there.

    But also with coffee, when i start to work "in trading" and go through the markets and through my paperwork i always drink too much big cups of coffee, all the time, end in the end of the day i cant sleep and cant work either, bcuz im am so over awake....

    With Trading its the most difficult thing, i ve spent so much energy in it - finally its the only identification for my self i have left...
    I love it and also hate it....and the factor that i hate it, makes me sick and depressive....

    I think if i would find something totally different of trading, which i can love in the same way, and can put all my energy in it, it would work......thats how i work, how i am, i need something, which i can put all my energy in it and make it perfect.....Its always the same, when i reached my goal, i become depressive and dont know what to do with myself....

    I hate me for that.......It is so difficult...:eek: :eek: :eek:

    i am serious about this sh$t...:mad:
  4. Many unsuccseful traders have gambling addictions. The definition of which is lack of control. Therefore, by definition its impossbile for them to stop trying to double or nothing constantly until everything is pissed away. There are many resources like Gambler anonymous and therapists. But the best is to take a complete break, no CNBC, no papertrading, for a few months. Get some new interests and then re-evaluate your past behavior and mistakes on a clear, unemotional head and make a decision on whether to make a permenant break or to begin anew with strict adherence to rules.

    That has personally worked for me when I have blown up accts. I recerntly had a mild disaster shorting the swiss frank one week early, however, for me deep inside I know that simply cutting leverage would enable me to achieve my goals but my desire to overleverage each and every trade bite me in the ass even if the trade works as early as a few days after.

    Its a vicous cycle of success breeding arrogance breeding carelessness which leads to failure. Break the cycle with strict adherence to your strategy assuming that you do indeed know that you have a viable strategy.
  5. How about becoming profitable ?
  6. @traderslair

    Oh no, i am sorry, you ve misunderstood me.

    I am very successfull in my trading, actually i make a very good living of it -- that is not the problem, ok.....

    The thing is, that i never wanted to trade forever in the first place, i only wanted to make enough money to be financially free and decide then if i want to continue someway or not....

    So now, i am at this point, and i dont know what to do....

    On the one hand i dont need more money and i really hate trading for the whole proccess of the work......because its so boring and stressing me all the time....because its all about of a lot of my money....

    On the other hand, i would think it is not so bad to trade a little bit realxder style on the longer time frames, but then i still do it because of the money and when it is about money it would be stupid to go on longer times, because i made my fortune on shorter times...and there is no faster way for me to make much money....

    And it sucks, but i love to do trades on the one day, just for the feeling that i am right and know the game....
    And then i hate it again, bcuz i could do so much better things with my time....

    There are only two opportunities.
    Stop it all. or continue like it was until now.

    But i want to stop it, because the other way,makes me sick.:mad: :mad: :mad:

    I have been sitting now almost 7 years every day in front of my computers to become who i am now. I thought when i got it, it makes me happy, but it dosnt.....
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    I have the perfect solution

    Take up the game of golf. You might think I am joking but with a little research you will know why I say what I say.

    Now back to your reply to me about quitting being hard,

    Didn't say it was easy you just need to stop. If your doctor told you, you would die if you traded one more day, I'm sure you would not trade. Just let your mind think differently and with enough will power you can do it. If you can't, work on the will power part
  8. You can retire, that's up to you, make the decision and that's it. Find a new passion that doesn't have to touch a computer.

    If you don't then you need to consider it more as a job. Take regular hours, rent an office outside and go to work.
  9. Thanks for your honest opinions.


    golf, hmm?
    i liked it to play minigolf....maybe i should give it a try. i also like the beautiful golf fields and parks - its so green there.:)

    yes, i want retire, but idont know what i shall do then....
    thats what i am thinking all the time, to find something that fits the empty place of trading.

    something i can work all the time on i want.

    i thought about carving wood figures.
    i always liked it to work with wood.

    or an totally other way i buy a horse and start riding again.
    bcuz i ve grown up on a horse ranch. and i love animals anyway.
    I think i should do that, that is something i really would enjoy.
    or some mix of the above, hmm ???:confused:
  10. try to get a position at Comedy Club

    :D :D :D
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