i am in need of money and have turned to the market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jack rabid, Dec 20, 2002.

  1. this is my last chance. i am in need of money and have turned to the market as i have no where else to go. it looks like the emini futures need to be my tradign vehicle since i have little cash--5k. if i dont make it, i am ruined. i need advice. is there anyone i can trade with, i will follow your calls. this should work if you are good. thank you for your help in this dire situation.

  2. My best advice to you is not to play this game.

    All kidding aside, this thread is pretty funny.
  3. As most people in this board are losing money, you have turned to the wrong website.
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    Keep your money in your pocket. The market is not like a teller machine.

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    I recommend you just send me the 5000, at least you'll know who it is going to...:)
  6. welcome back, kitty...:D

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    this guy claims that he can "call" at least 10 es-points a day. He has a three day trial www.tactrade.com
  8. on the SuperBowl -- all of it!! Bet the team with the prettiest jerseys.
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    You'd be better served going to Washington D.C. and investing the $5K in a hotdog stand. I hear the vendors there pull down 6K figures no kidding aside.
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    I really feel for you, I work with a group that has really helped me, send me PM if interested in possibly joining

    Best of Luck
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