I am having trouble with my brokers online order entry platform

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by triggertrader, Feb 8, 2008.

  1. I trade with the biggest. man financial.
    however, its is suprising that their order entry web page is so outdated. they have something called "mtrade"
    I complained about it for years and they always tell me "they are working on it" their system hasn't changed since they started it. i included a pic of what they have.
    i do day trading and the problem i am having is when i enter trades i need the order entry page to be on lower part of the screen so i can just enter the order quickly without having to close a window . it also always asks me to confirm after i click on the order button. all this takes time and in a business where you need speed its not working for me.
    can anyone recommend a type of system or brokerage firm that will allow me to have a smaller faster online order entry system where the order entry can be on the same window or just overlap the chart window so i can place my trades easier and faster as well as with no confirm window having to open again?
  2. They also offer j-trader, x-trader, etcetera etcetera
  3. they dont. thats all they have.
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    Why do you trade with MF Global? Sure they may be the biggest, but I'd probably guess Interactive Brokers is cheaper and more reliable.
  5. do you use them? do they have a compact online order entry system?
  6. Now i've seen it all Day trading from a Online web platform we need more traders like you KEEP TRADING PLEASE!! Especially with MAN.
  7. They do. Check these links out.



    Electronic Trading Systems Status (02/11/2007 20:34 EST)

    Trading System Status

    MTrade: Fully functional
    MTrade Pro (J-trader): Fully functional
    MTrade Securities: Fully functional
    X_Trader: Fully functional
    Securities IB: Fully functional
    RAN Order: Fully functional
    eMidas: Fully functional

    Exchange Status
    CBOT: Fully functional
    CME: Fully functional
    Eurex: Fully functional
    Liffe: Fully functional

    To report problems, please contact us.
    System status is constantly monitored,
    this display will update in 36 seconds