I am going back to Bright

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    Dont know why i left them and teamed up with Joe Gippo to try to put Bright out of business but i failed and reconciled with the Brights and now plan to resume my day trading there as of the first of the year, 2011. The Brights are fully capitalized and are a drug free firm unlike my past associates. Two of them went under. Principals were fly ny night operators. No white lines at the Bright Christmas party either. I'm coming back. Im coming out. Barry
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    Are you sure Bright Trading is drug free? Not what I heard.
  3. just to be on the same page: what's the definition of a drug free prop firm? what kinds of drugs? traders or owners?
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    When Maverick74 was in New York, he used to go to Sake Bar Hagi after the close. It was there on a snowy Friday evening that he first encountered an old Swedish woman that looked like a hippopotamus playing greased up funk music in the back corner. He knew the bonito flakes were dangerous to the psyche, yet there was the sake, and there was barbecued squid, and then Bob Bright himself walked in with a bowling ball and a photograph of Jesus stapled to his forehead to complete the picture. The hippopotamus could scratch, but she couldn't stop the funk. Vegas had come to NY.

    That's when it all changed between Maverick74 and the Brights.
  5. a firm where no one uses drugs. the one that goes with sluts. everyone.

    ... and now back to reality.
  6. is this some kind of inside joke with the brights?
  7. a clean u4 means drug free too? :D

    lets not make the U4 process any longer! so no ideas here. I could imagine them making a drug test part of the process and adding a $499 service for that :confused:
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    A lot of people are not aware that the u4 receives a SQL injection of your health insurance records as one result of the recent push for e-healthcare record standardization.

    Part of this includes records concerning sexual history, including STD infections, which, as Maverick74 knows, is particularly interesting for noteworthy Las Vegas proprietary trading firms.
  9. [​IMG]
    “Hey Bob, here’s another stray. Looks like you’ll have to give your assent for this one....”
    As the bleating of more lost sheep can be heard echoing far down the high desert canyon.
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    Brights a great firm. But only for real traders. You should join my firm to learn. We have a great program where you trade 10 shares a day then move up the ladder.
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