I am giving out candy cigarettes for Halloween

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  1. I'm giving out cookies with trans fat.

    I hear the White House is giving out student loans. a two fer. a trick and a treat......:D
  2. Back when I was a kid some lady gave out petroleum jelly

    True story.
  3. Last year I gave out gallons of olive oil. I have a long long driveway and usually the kids bag was draggin on the ground.

    This year I'm giving out pasta.

  4. This is hilarious. :D :D :D

    if you stuck around long enough she may have placed these in your bag ( alkyl nitrite )

  5. Lucrum


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    They were handing these out when i was a kid, and i think im about 10-15 years younger then you, its funny how much things have changed in such a short time span.

    In other news i just read an article that someone in the Obama admin is pushing the commissioner of major league baseball to quit allowing players to chew tobacco on the field.

    Next thing you know these whackos will be trying to ban Steroids in the NFL, and the WWF. :D

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