I am finished.

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  1. I don't know how to begin this post, but there is a saying that says: Things come in pairs. Well, today's loss completed that pair.

    If you read my post a couple days ago, you know I lost $10,950 last Friday.

    To get it back, I shorted 5 lots of CL at $74.20 last night, hoping it to drop to $72. I was confident that this trade would work out, because the entry looked like a perfect lower-high. I didn't have a stop loss, as I was convinced a drop would come in the morning.

    But the market went the opposite way and gave me a another blow. When I woke up in the morning, the market already went up a lot, and then I watched the relentless rally this morning IN HORROR, IN DISBELIEF, IN FREEZE, IN PARALYSIS, IN TOTAL DENIAL......

    When I finally accepted what had happened, CL already went above $77. It came down a little bit, but it didn't show any sign of sell off, and then it went back up. Finally I accepted the defeat and covered at $77.19, taking a whopping loss of $15,000.

    I believe losses truly come in pairs. The only silver lining of the loss of $25,950 is that it made it easier for me to quit trading.
  2. Isn't this like the third time you say that you quit trading?

    And where do you keep getting all this money? I thought you blew out twice already.
  3. All right, now it sounds like you're just trolling.

    If not, you should probably kill yourself for doing this again.
  4. TraDaToR


    Go long now. 100 lots. You will make back those 25K in no time...You were so close to mastering trading...
  5. you should realize this
    a 4% move makes you lose $15k

    Don't you think you are over leveraged a bit?
    i mean 2-3-4% moves happen in oil daily dood
  6. sorry about your loss man, happens to the best of us. I think everyone here has taken a few big losses. You should keep trying if you really want to trade for a living, but take some time off.
  7. 5 lots CL = $350k of oil

    how much do you have in your account?

    You do know you lost money on "noise" or a "feint"
  8. u r shorting the strongest thing in this market
    WTF is wrong with u
    Iran Dollar greece
    Man u need to take a brake : (
    stop trading complete.
  9. Do your self a big favor - if you have any balance left at your broker(s), wire it out TODAY and close your account. If you have any data feed services, cancel them TODAY. If you have any other way of trading get your spouse or a trusted relative to go and change your passwords for you and NOT give you the new passwords. Do it NOW and don't think about it. At least you will have made one good trade by the end of today.
  10. Why don't you disguise your username as to fool more people with this nonsense. It is becoming a tragic comedy.
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