I am f$%^%$g sick of Populism!!!

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  1. Sooooo, Wall Street and the Bankers suck, eh?

    Did they suck when ma and pa plumber were out there buying half million dollar homes, boats and expensive foreign cars?

    It is amazing to me how this congress is conducting these public flogging of people.

    The public, monkeys that they are, just lap this shit up.

    What the hell happened to personal fiscal responsibility?

    If you trusted your hard earned money to someone else, and they lost it, is it really their fault? Caveat Emptor?

    The public should have done due dilligence. There are people who have been warning of this for years, but while the market was going up, to hell with them those damned chicken littles!

    Now fiscal sloth has reaped it's appropriate reward, and it's the fault of the bankers, GM, Bernie Madoff and Wall Street.

    Get Real
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  2. I agree with what you wrote. Unfortunately, its easy for politicians to sell this line of crap. . . and a lot easier to get votes that way. A population made up of dumbed down t.v. watchers & i-pod listeners indoctrinated in the public schools is an easy target for manipulation.

    "What luck for rulers, that men do not think." - - Adolph Hitler
  3. It f@#$%^g stinks to high heaven. If America falls it is the fault of the proles. Info in this day and age is free for the taking. Surprises only come to those asleep at the wheel, or lost in the forest.

    It's BS:mad: :mad:
  4. Yes, - - there's lots of information, but very little wisdom. And few are taught how to think critically.
  5. ARealGannTrader. were you a mortgage broker at Quick Loans, or a 'risk analyst' working on CDSs and CDOs at Bear Stearns or Lehman?
  6. 2008 Presidential election confirmed THAT notion...

    If Americans didn't have their head up their butts and their hands out... Ron Paul would be President now.. :(
  7. You miss the point. It's not that Joe and Jane Lunchbucket have lost their big home, boat and car. It's the fact that those that orchestrated this scam still have their big home, boat and car that galls people. You gamble and lose, so be it. But this heads I win, tails I still win bullshit has got to go.
  8. You do realize that the mean IQ score is 100. All the people I work with and hang around have a much higher score than mean, meaning yes, there are that many dumb people out there that do not know any better. Need more proof of this? People have fallen and continue to fall for Nigerian email scams.

    The point I am trying to make is that some people cannot do due dilligence because they do not have the required RAM. The predatory practices should not go unpunished.
  9. I presume this is the opening question in an argument you are about to present.

    Let me cut straight the point. The job in our business is to make money. Do you worry about the trader that can't identify trend on a chart? Should you feel sorry that you took his money from him?

    If a consumer comes to me and asks for a loan, and I have a mandate to give it to him, then that is my job. If this person works at WalMart, that is not my concern really. He heard that I was here and that is why he showed up in the first place.

    He is here because he heard that he can get a loan. I am here because I can give it to him. I am not a financial role model.

    Bear and Lehman went belly up. They knew the risk, it didn't work out. They should have hedged, but that would ultimately reduce their returns, and in the evironment that they were in that would have negative consequences to that conservative chicken little department head.

    I get pissed off when people engage in high stakes and then want to blame someone.

    Lehman knew that they were giving risky loans. But who wants to be harassed by the ACLU? The monkey on the other end knew damn well that they had no business on the side of town that they were on. If you work as a cashier at WalMart, you don't belong in the Hamptons.

    Life aint fair, get over it. Get a real job, then go buy that million dollar house.

    But don't blame me if you came to me for a loan and I gave it to you. I had to. You knew where you belonged. If you make a thousand a month, and your mortgage is 900 a month, then can you seriously make the case that it was my fault?


    I was your hero until you couldn"t make your payment.
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  10. The reason Ron Paul is not president and will never be president is because he cannot speak presidentially, he sounds like a lunatic militant. I think that turned too many people off to him. Also, the vast majority of America couldn't even spell economics, let alone know anything about them which makde Ron Paul a speaker of foreign language to them when he talked.

    Obama is in office because: A. Bush couldn't have fucked things up any worse, thus pissing off pretty much everyone and alienating the republican party, and B. he can speak so eloquently and presidential, which was also a major magnet after hearing Bushisms for 8 years.
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