I am embarrased to share the planet with you idiots.

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  1. yes, you
  2. What % of the population are genetically imbeciles.

    looks like a pretty high one
  3. A disgruntled long I guess.
  4. I am sick of this planet, I want my own fucking planet, with my own girls, where no one else can know of, let alone to try and come there

    I want my memory erased so to forget that fucking beings like you even existed in the first place
  5. If you guys were a little smarter, you could see that if you stopped playing US Pragmatists and Darwinists a little, then we could all see a "lift off", and be heading for space in some decades...

    Then you could load up in your own space station and head away...

  6. ERTW


    take me with you
  7. The US already are the biggest consumers of Xanax... just chill and pop more Bluepills...
  8. :D
  9. it all goes back to the society and our ability to function within it in order to obtain our basic and secondary needs

    legal and illegal drugs that alter consciousness usually make the consumer a dysfunctional or malfunctioning social entity

    so if i have my own planet i can take all the xanax i want [​IMG]
  10. there is no guarantee that that will happen no matter how much effort we put into it, you know that the first problem is obtaining enough energy to send 'your own space station' to space

    if the first problem is solved, meaning we find an almost endless and costless source of energy, the second problem which is finding enough material to produce a space station for many will automatically be solved; by obtaining material from other planets

    the third problem which is finding work force to produce the space station can be over come by advancement in the technological field of robotics, which is not impossible and japan has already done a good deal of work in this field

    the last problem remains; the technology to create the space station, which again seems possible to overcome

    anyhow my point is that the greatest issue is our current energy sources, and so long as that is not solved we are going no where
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