I am done with Futures... going back to Forex

Discussion in 'Forex' started by heispark, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. heispark


    Played Futures nearly for one whole year with 40K capital. I made some money actually but now I have decided to go back to Forex. Futures market is highly fragmented and far ancient. I never understand why I had to pay $15 for CME fee when I trade with AMP Futures while I don't pay it when I trade with TD Ameritrade. I never understand why CQG chart is different from Thinkorswim and other chart softwares. (Even higher high, lower low is different!). I am sick of monthly rollover. I don't understand why there are so many charting/execution platforms which none of them satisfied me. Yes, trading cost in Futures is much cheaper compared to Forex which charges high swap rate. That's the only advantage I will miss. Now I am going back to Dukascopy JForex. Forex is much more intuitive, simple and flexible. Nothing can match.....
    Feel much much more comfortable and safe now.
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  2. Good luck with Forex!
  3. traider


    You can trade currency futures and enjoy much better swap rates.
  4. heispark


    Yes, I mostly traded currency Futures including micro size contracts. I am a swing trader with multiple entries and exits. Not as convenient as Forex.....
  5. wartrace


    I don't understand this comment.
  6. Sig


    It means there isn't a nice slick user interface like the bucket shops provide and there are all kinds of choices you have to make and contract specs you have to understand, unlike the bucket shops which provide a nice convenient slot machine which requires not much more thought than pulling a handle.
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  7. yeah me either, long time ago.
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  8. REDP1800


    anyone who tradesa the cme must understand that since the CME went public it has become the biggest BUCKET SHOP of an exchange ever conceived. it isw set up for it's direct access members. The hft in stocks is crowded where as in futures because there i sonly 1 exchange you will alwas get nailed. at least in stocks you have BILLIONS OF transactions and trades versus millions in futures. YOU SHOULD TRADE WHERE THERE SARE THE MOST PARTICIPANTS nto jsut the most volume or liquidity because 90 % of that liquidity is really only 3 large hft companies
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  9. heispark


    What I meant was unlike Forex, I need multiple platforms/brokers/data feeds to properly trade Futures.... Seems all-in-one solution is a dream in Futures business.
  10. wartrace


    Now I REALLY don't understand. Why "multiple platforms /brokers/data feeds"? I've never felt disadvantaged using one broker/platform and data feed. Maybe I am ignorant of the need?
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