I am designing some trade software..

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    I have a detailed concept and a primitive Excel version. Before presenting to potential investors or programmers I want to produce a 'demonstration' of the software as I see it in it's final state. ie a visual representation of how it will work, complete with linked windows etc.

    Can anyone give me any leads on what software I can use to build such a thing ? How do Pros demonstrate thier software concepts ?

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    Power Point?
  3. skaranam


    Do you just want to present your concept to other? Then PowerPoint can serve your purpose. But, if you want to go a step ahead and make a prototype, then you need to develop screens to resemble the actual system. I do programming for living. Please clearlly specify your requirement so that I can suggest you better.
  4. <b>If you are going to show it too...</b>

    1) Another programmer to get them interested in working with you ...

    Then - Use your exisitng excel sample with explanations...

    2) A informal person(friend) who could be an investor...

    Then use screen Mock Ups in Microsoft Word proving you are frugal in time and materials...

    3) A venture capital group...

    Then hire
    a) a power point or flash developer to present your idea very crisply
    b) a business marketing plan developer who can build a bullet proof marketing plan for you that shows revenue streams
    c) a accounting type that can work the numbers for your revenue stream projections

    If you are asked to mock it up on a RAD toolkit then use MS Access 2002 or 03 which is an easy way to mock up screens that open other screens - show charts,etc without needing a lot of code behind...

    good luck..




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    Well I think you just about covered every eventuality Edegehunter. Thx I'll keep that for reference.

    For the moment Skaranam hit the nail on the head, I want to show screens that resemble the actual system. A mock up of the end product. Though I'm no programmer.

    I haven't used Power Point except with existing materials - charts, data sheets etc. I don't think I could create what I'm looking for with it.
  6. Show them equity curve from your program. This is all VC need to see :D
  7. skaranam


    I do suggest to use VB6/VB.net to paint the screens. If you have Microsft Access software then you can use it as well. You don't need programming experience to paint screens. You can buy a dummies book and follow it. But you need to get the software first. VB is not cheap.
  8. the top UI guys tend to use Macromedia Director for concept demos.
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    Try Visio.
  10. You can buy the academic version of VB.NET for about $100. Mocking up the screens is pretty easyeven without any programming experience. Have a look at Sams teach yourself VB as a starter.

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