I am declaring the next stop is $70 per barrel!!!

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  1. I am declaring the next stop is $70 per barrel. Look at that channel coming from the V-bottom. That trend channel is reaching right out and smacking you in the face.

    $70 per barrel here we come!!!
  2. I am sure everyone will drop everything, just because of this trend channel. Too bad the real world relies on stupid things, like supply & demand, storage, crisis & disruption events, news and other unrelated fundamental effects.

    In other words, you have a long way to go in understanding what moves markets.

    If you just say "$70 is next" without a time period, this has no meaning. Of course it will be $70 sometime in the next several years. Or it might hit $50 or $100, etc. etc.
  3. I say the plans to bomb Iran are all made and it is just a matter of weeks before President Bush gets on prime time TV and says he just gave the orders to bomb Iran based on he will say evidence that they are supplying arms/bombs to kill U.S soldiers in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Oil then will be over $70.00 by July 4th I predict.

    BTW: Do you or anyone know where I can watch the price of crude oil tick by tick while it is trading like I watch streaming stock quotes via my brokerage account at OptionsXpress?
  4. President Bush wants to bomb the whole world

    Although recent crisis with hostages has shown nothing is going to happen
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    No, dubya has already used that gameplan on Iraq, it ain't gonna fly again unless he is willing to just hand the '08 election over to the Dems...not likely.

    If this fantasy were to actually materialize in a matter of weeks CL would be well past $70...it would blow past $70 so fast you wouldn't even see the print and it would happen long before 7.4

    CME offers free live quotes for the Nymex.
  7. TM1 Said "CME offers free live quotes for the Nymex."

    Thanks TM
  8. Problem is wtc is bottle necked. Refineries will be the tail that wags the crude dog.


    Don't think you'll find that...you should be able to get delayed quotes from the NYMEX or even Bloomberg websites, but you will not find anywhere that gives you tick by tick real time quotes without paying for them. If you do post them here, but the exchange charges for their data and will not allow it to be disseminated in real time without having the ability to charge the provider on a per user basis. As far as the pay sites go, DTN and eSignal are cheaper than some, but still a few hundred a month. If you get set up to trade whatever product you want to watch then whoever you are trading through will provide the quotes in real time, typically even if you don't actually make any trades. You might look into that...
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    Ive been using it for quite a while now


    sign up for my cme with email address and you're in.
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