I am cursed, no really I am.... curse exists for real

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  1. Did you ever look at some Hollywood or cartoon or real life hero and imagine what it would be like to be that Hero.

    Well I am that hero in terms of exceptionally high IQ, superior ability to think. I can tell you its no fun.

    Sure I have 4 different trading methods to choose from, sure I have 4 different custom indicators to choose from.

    Sure I know the difference between randomness and chaos.

    But I am constantly angry......at you people, and its not your fault.

    I am alone in my understanding and always looked at as the foolish one.

    It was fun when I was a kid where only thing that mattered was outperforming you people.

    But now I seek my equal and I can't find him/her

    I tried to contact Extra-terrestrials telepathically, but they don't seem to like me very much :D

    PS: not joking on the whole ET thing
    PSS: See what I mean, you can't possibly understand things on my level
  2. some commoner will now show up to ask me if I am on drugs

    and whatever I am smoking to get him/her some of that :D
  3. ok enough of this lets get to something commoners can understand

    I AM YOUR GOD APOPHIS !!!!!!!!!! :mad:

    Kneel before your GOD :mad:
  4. Who cares if you have 4 different trading methods and 4 custom indicators? I have one trading plan, 9 exceptional trading systems, 10 world class indicators and a great written method to hold these together. But these tools are not what is most important. It is how I use these tools and train myself that is important.

    I do understand things on your level. You are obviously not a trader, yet. Trading is about learning to over come who you don’t want to be. Right now trading is alien to you.

    P.S. Feeling sorry for yourself will not make you a better trader.


    FEED MY NEED FOR Predictable ET sheeple :p
  6. Did you get beaten up in school again?
  7. I use to be like you, until one day I learned that narcissism is a disease and a medical condition.
  8. You should start with my mothers old cure - the enema. Remember to do it on both ends.
  9. one time small boy hit me, next time I brought a metal pipe and asked him to apologize or I would kill him

    he apologized out of fear.....true story :)
  10. you would be right of course except I help lot of people, donate to charity etc.

    nice try though
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