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  1. and use quotetracker. Are there any firms out there that have an all in one system ... i.e. so i don't have to log into IB then log into Quotetracker for better charts and order entry platform. I trade mostly futures and some stocks.
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    wow, that's really tough, first having to log into IB and THEN to quotetracker ... yeah, your life really sucks ...:p
  3. are there any real traders here with some value to add to the posts - it seems like not one post can go by without having a smartass with nothing to add popping off - where are the moderators???

    Anyway - are there any firms out there that allow both futures and stocks and have a kisck ass sytem for both order entry and charts? IB sucks
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    try scotttrade or eeeetrade

    use the search button newb
  5. Why do you have to log into QuoteTracker? If properly set up you just run QuoteTracker and it automatically logs in to the IB API.

    The normal first choice of an all in one broker and trading system is TradeStation.

    Some traders prefer TradeStation, some prefer IB and 3rd party software and some use TradeStation for the analytics and IB for the executions. Other traders like 3rd party software like NinjaTrader paired with their choice of broker. You get to decide what makes you happy.
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    wow, this guy really is a class act, he even send me a PM with the title: CUM DUMPSTER, I'll spare you the details.
    Let's just hope he doesn't brake his finger while doing the hard work of clicking his mouse trying to log in to quotetracker tomorrow.
    And this sissy wants to be a trader ...
  7. you can't seriously be complaining about having to do 2 logins a day?

    Sure, you can go pay another broker a lot more money, and they'll give you one fucking login instead of 2.

    Tradestation charges a TON more then IB. Double for equities (1c / share instead of .5), and almost 1.5x for options ($1 instead of .7).
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  9. You might get better answers if you show that you've taken even 20 minutes to use the search feature and get your information on your own. The information you seek is here. The question you're asking has been asked several times in the past 24 months. There are ongoing discussions on this topic. All you have to do is take a few hours and search for them.

    For example, if you do the searches, read about the firms that offer what you want, and then come back and post something like 'Which of these 3 are best for me given my needs, and why', you would get some good answers, along with the inevitable noise.

    But then, if two log-ins in the morning are getting you down, a couple of hours searching this site is probably out of the question.

    By the way, welcome to ET.