I am currently ranked 187 in the cme challenge

Discussion in 'Journals' started by s trader, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. s trader

    s trader

    Wow looking at the winners from the leaders board I feel like I need to put my ass in gear. I am currently short 5 contracts of the NQ and losing 700.

    Any ET playing this?
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  2. ironchef


    What purpose does it serve to play? How others perform is of no concern to me.
  3. Pekelo


  4. s trader

    s trader

  5. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    It seems it is already game over...

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  6. s trader

    s trader

    No worry. I am now down 1500 but still a small amount for a 100K account. I will now double down on the ES before the open and hope for a comeback.
  7. Chris Mac

    Chris Mac

    Just go with the flow, trade what you see, not what you expect or hope.

  8. s trader

    s trader

    What a letdown. It ripped even higher after the open. I've no choice but to hold on to this position for now and not add in more short. I was down 7K but the NQ came back some so now down only 3500.

    the leader is now +18K but the game is just starting.
  9. Yeah I'm playing.

    Currently -$5000 so I don't think I'm gonna win :D

    Winner gets $1000 I believe.
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  10. %%
    Could be helpful, IronChief but stressful; did something like that once, you had to agree to let them use your real name, trades, info.BUT being a game[ the derivatives only contest i was in; different group from CME] many used insane position size/blew UP/doubled down on their $50,000 account.LOL:D:cool::caution::caution:

    About the worst thing one could do is ''win'' a contest using insane position size; even lotto so called ''winners'',LOL lose wins quick LOL. Many ILL lotto winners did not get paid, state budget..... NOT saying contests are gambling
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