i am convinced that zzz/777 is a prop poster for et

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  1. Though I am not the mot active poster, I have been lurking on ET for >4years. I would bet my net worth (which is >$1,000), Zzz/777 is paid by ET to post. This in itself is fine, but when he gets preferential treatment , it takes away from the fun and integrity of the site. Whether by joe or by resin, his protection is ghey.
  2. It's an interesting idea. I have often wondered if the Troll actually pays to post. Every time he gets banned he might pay Baron a lump sum to get back in. We know he's been banned a few times.

    Either way, there's some weird stuff going on. Joe the mod told me the other day that if I even mention ZZZ in a post, I will be banned for life! I am forbidden from posting in any thread that ZZZ starts or posting in reply to anything he says.

    I guess I'm mentioning him here, so let's see what happens.
  3. There is no way the resident troll is just an ET member. He has some sort of connection/relationship with Baron or the mods. He may even be a partner of some kind in the venture.

    There has to be some reason Baron and the mods insist on protecting him and banning those who confront him on his bullshit. There is some sort of connection, and it is not unreasonable to conclude that connection is monetary.
  4. PM me your information and we can discuss which paypal account for you to sent your entire net worth to in order for us to prove he has nothing to do with ET.
  5. The Bruce. Inspired by the dictionary definition of the term – and by the movie They Call Me Bruce? – Bruces may correspond to any number of troll profiles but are characterized by a single, external characteristic: They are invulnerable. In the world of Internet fora, this means they cannot be banned from a site.

    No amount of complaining on the part of a forum's membership can convince the administrator to ban a Bruce, no matter how disruptive or useless such a troll's participation becomes. Bruces possess some innate ability to remain active despite exhibiting behavior that would draw warnings and discipline if displayed by other, more productive members of a bulletin board. A curious and perhaps hypnotic species, Bruces are often hybrids descended from Sophists, Affected Profundity Trolls, and Don Kings.
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    Funny. That's just how I imagined Zzzz too
  7. It might take awhile for me to get liquid for that amount. But since youre here, and are a mod, what is the policy regarding zzz? I find it very odd that someone would get protection from "flamers" when they are only posting in rel/pol. Please clarify.
  8. The answer falls under the perfect definition of occam's razor.

    The OP is correct.
  9. Well anyway I believe on most forums the owners either hire posters, or they become a poster themselves. Im fine with that. But, kinda lame to control the responses.
  10. Lucrum


    I guess my dog's not in that fight so to speak. And I didn't notice but a little of the recent exchange that resulted in Joe's response.

    BUT that kind of threat seems WAY out of proportion for the supposed "offense".
    Especially given ZZZzzz's posting history here.

    I don't and never did see where you and Hap are the problem. ZZZzzz IS the problem, always has been.

    IF they do overlook the NaZzzi trolls posts simply because he generates post counts and page views. Why not allow you guys to generate posts and page views as well?
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