I am convinced that Trading is the best Job

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  1. I cannot imagine going back to the grind. I am fortunate to have a day job and the independence that I need to work from home in that job.

    I can trade in between.

    My first love is trading and I will return to it full time someday.

    You know...when I get lonley I come here...This is my trading room.

    Should I try to fit into society better?

    Michael B.
  2. That's up to you, but no one will ever fully understand or appreciate what you do for a living, so as long as that doesn't bother you.
  3. Why fit in, society is at the wrong side of the truth. Leaders and followers both in denial.
  4. Michael,

    I have read your other thread (poll). When you started it you were not sure. Now you sound a bit like you just saw God and you want to share it with the whole world. Am I right?


  5. Lol!

    I am fortunate that trading is my day job.
  6. Its only a grind if you dont like what youre doing. Some people actually like their jobs. I trade during the day then go to work and play on the computer in the evening. Once in awhile I get interrupted and actually have to do some work but most of the time I pick up the phone and delegate.
  7. Tums


    oh shxt, all along I thought you were a successful full time trader. You mean you are a loser?
  8. tums - just curious - why would you post something inflammatory like that? whats the deal?
  9. its ok ...i thought it was funny...hey i am a loser...but you know what...? I try harder :)
  10. Very true....my job is a good one too...but I work on the phone between trades...from home. I make a low 6 digits a year and am i going to try and pay off my mortgage, which is the only loan I have.

    but if I lost my job...what would I do at 47 years old without an education?

    My first love is trading and I am learning to be consistently profitable.

    Michael B.

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