I am convicted...

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  1. in my belief that Apple is a steal at this price. If I could put my money where my mouth is, I would. Via Jan 09 Calls.
  2. Congrats, RIMM is a better buy
  3. they're both in the new stock trad3r index :D

    (I pick the best stocks)
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    AAPL is going back down...if you get the opportunity to sell do it.
  5. GTS


    Maybe once you get out of jail you can start trading again.
  6. Long AAPL.

  7. Wha?

    Anyways im not pretending to be a good stock picker or anything, but last year upon the release of the new iphone apple didnt do much at first, however by december it had gotten all the way to 205. Why is it lower now? Estimates of new iphone sales range from $10 million to $45 million (they sold 6 million at $400 and in only 6 countries). Assuming a carrier subsidy of around $150-$200 and 30%-50% margin should they hit this one out of the park? True the new iphone isnt that much better, but at half the price and its being released in 10 times as many countries...that has to be significant. Or am I missing something? I dont mean to sound like a broken record, but like I said, I'm convicted.
  8. Check your thread title.

  9. LOL.

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    RIMM is better buy 10 times better then aapl.

    if steve jobs leave the company aapl will go to 120ish area..

    next week RIMM reports earning and I think rimm will go down but that will be the best buying opportunity.
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