I am closing my IB account

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by jonlebon, Sep 14, 2007.

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    I had an account for 2 months now and I cant believe how bad the interface is. This thing stinks! Whoever thought that a wall of red and blue flashing light is the most user friendly way of trading needs their head examined.
    During that time I probably lost over $300 in wrongly processed orders, long orders becoming short because of the 100 unit default function( IB people, this is a really bad idea, get rid of it!)

    Anyway thats my rant , I dont mind losing because of the market , thats part of the game but losing $$$ because of a dodgy interface, that makes me really angry!

  2. See yah....
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    lol :D

    "long orders becoming short because of the 100 unit default function":confused:
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  5. A classic case of 'the bad workman blames his tools'...
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    One nice feature of IB is the ability to have a different interface via the API. It (the API) is somewhat kooky, but the ability is there.

    Also, the range of products is pretty tough to get elsewhere. Might oughtta save them for at least a backup broker. They have their weak areas to be sure, but so does everyone else. Just some thoughts...
  9. I'd bet all you have that the problem was human error. Uh... the default order size is USER configurable.

  10. Maybe you should take the time to learn it before doing any trading.

    It's probably not designed for users like yourself.

    'Best to use a separate charting package and IB tws strictly for order entry (that's where it still excels).

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