I am certain that I am the best trader in my class

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Cicero, Aug 30, 2009.

  1. Cicero


    math doesn't lie, if you understand trading down to every pip, tick and squeak

    you realize that things have to go one way and one way alone, and it can not be any other way

    the only way you can outperform me is if you bet larger size thus increasing your risk of ruin

    for those of you that know what I am talking about .......wink wink :cool: :cool:

    come on guys, you know that mathematical thing we never ever say out loud :cool:

    oh yeah you know what I am talking about
  2. cauchy-riemann integral??

    btw You sir, sure are smart!
  3. Cicero


    yes I am very smart but I am not happy

    the more I learned about this world, the less happy I became :(

    but enough about my tortured soul, lets get back to wink wink mathematics :cool:
  4. Give the key to everyone, and then it will not work anymore, and thusfar you will have shape the world and his future by redistributing the key !
  5. Cicero


    no actually you are wrong

    it would work, it would still work just as it always has

    but the reason I won't is because I am a prick that wants you to have as hard life as me :(

    don't hate me, hate the world, hate the collective humanity that lacks morality
  6. Cicero


    I've recently seen on ET the KEY being posted

    the key was posted in plain daylight for all to see

    15 minutes later user deleted it from his post

    probably not many people saw it.
  7. You mean, "create dozens of aliases and then prove to the world that you are deluded?"

    wink wink
  8. Really? You can keep the key to yourself. But to gauge if you are the best, show your average daily returns? The best I know has average daily returns 60% - 100%.
  9. What class do you go to?