I am buying 23k in gold coins

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Port1385, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Ok ET time to prove your worth, I am buying over 20 k worth of gold because I would rather be a stupid man with gold than a smart ass with paper money.

    Before I go to my bank and ask my advisor, what do you guys say

    Where should I go to buy coins.

    There is no way I am buying from some jewelry asses, they will price me up to 40% mark up

    any thoughts are appreciated
  2. just buy the GLD
  3. swinger


    I have purchased from bulliondirect.com and have been happy with their service.
  4. so you can snoop around and dig up UNIMPORTANT info and names

    big deal

    the thread you stole this from fully explains everything too
  5. yeah but you can't wear GLD stock certificates around your neck like you can 2 pounds of gold around your neck
  6. Daal


    if you really have guts and confidence forget coins and gld. short USD/XAU on oanda, they will lend you 50-1
  7. The price of gold is at historically high levels. Theoretically, you should be selling.