"I am betting on the stock market rising substantially"

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  2. Be careful O Observer, for Time has the capability to turn the perceptions of a lesser mortal into reality.


    OK :D what I mean is that the market can favor that disillusioned man.
  3. Markets will rise in the near future significantly to discount inflationary pressures. Then, when inflation hits, they will collapse again because of rate rises. Inflation will hit in 2012 so watch for 25% up in the Dow by this time next year.
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    ... don't! :)
  5. Markets will not double but the long bias may be decent over the next 9 months, especially in commodity based stocks.

    Funny thing is the exaggerated "sky is falling" messages have been around throughout the bull market that started approx. Feb 2009. Some of the worst calls we will see in our lifetime occurred in early 2009. 18 months later we got many of the same people still trying to drag the market down, when following their strategy short would have cost investors at least half their money if not their whole account.
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    A bold prediction. You could be right. Trading volume will have to rise as it has fallen to half of what it was in 2009. More likely the volume will pick up to the downside, imo.
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    Of course, all opinion is valid. The line that really drew my attention was the one where he said he was fully invested. WHAT IF everyone who thinks the market will rise is fully invested TODAY?
  8. Opinions are like....
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  10. I may be, but I'll bet any amount you propose that we don't rally 25% on SPX in the next 365 days.
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