I am at a stage where I am writing a book, your input desired

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  1. As some of you noticed I am bored and even demanded on ET few times that people worship me as their god.

    So, I am writing a book about day trading and how random nature of the market produces order

    Here is my rather interesting dilemma

    How do I fill a book without giving out my working methods and few custom made indicators

    I want to write an exceptional book but I don't want to give anything away :)
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    Fill it with lots of pictures (crayons optional) and have the publisher charge double the going sale rate.

    Rest assured that even if you disclosed your secrets, most people wouldn't get it anyway.
  3. Follow Jack Hershey's example. After publication you can start a thread in ET and get thousands of pages of discussions about your methods while no one will be able make it work like you say.

    Get a course on Conversational Hypnosis and litter your work with triggers to reinforce belief in your claims but make those claims absurdly good.

    If you do this right you don't need to provide any evidence nor demonstrate how it's done - the fun is in building a rabbit warren of ideas that keep readers absorbed like hamsters on a wheel.

    Make yourself a trading god like Hershey and sheeple will worship the ground you walk on.

    I admire Hershey's work, especially teaching the blind to trade while they are looking at the monitor. That's the kind of standard you need to reach coz ET needs another entertainer to carry Jack's mantle.
  4. funniest sh!t ever thanks :D :D
  5. LOL :D

    you and me should do few projects together

    I like the way you think :)
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    Man, wait to you see the kind of redundant loops I have in mind :)

    BTW, I require a salary of time and a laugh...
  7. Well, i see you made an excellent start - your basic premise is incorrect.It is back to front! If your planned book was a cake,there would be no cake,just a lump of solid icing.
  8. Faled trater rights book good.
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    Chit Chat.
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    I want to write an exceptional book but I don't want to give anything away

    There are thousands of those kind of books already written
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