I am angry

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lojze, May 27, 2003.

  1. lojze


    I was sitting in front of computer today after market, have seen VXGN exploded, but at the same time my Qcharts have frozen. It stayed so for 15 minutes, enough to miss the whole action.

    In order to take something good out of this problem - which secondary data feed provider should I take as backup (only backup). Maybe the one which has also DAX and FTSE futures charts.

    Any good idea?

  2. there are free intraday chart providers, just not realtime, they can be a sanity check.
  3. tell qcharts your not paying for the service this month because they let you down
  4. prox


    coulda shoulda woulda..

    get over it, there's no need to ruin your mindset for the next opportunity.
  5. lojze


    No it wasn't my connection.

    Will they accept non-payment?

  6. Bob111


    say thank to the God that you not short it after market close on margin.:D :D :D
  7. corvus


    Try IQFeed & Quotetracker...together they are very inexpensive and serve as an excellent backup, and IQFeed does EUREX as well. If IQFeed goes out on me (I use IQFeed & Ensign as my primary charting setup now), Quotetracker can use other sources, like IB, to continue the charting so I can manage the position.
  8. Quotetracker w IB feed, and/or Esignal
  9. mixer


    Every time I complain to qcharts they credit me a free month!
    Just tell them your gonna leave if they dont.

    Sometimes I just make stuff up just to get the credit. Out of the past 12 months I paid 7 times, my average cost is fantastic.
  10. Your ethics could certainly use some work.
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