I am afraid of these NEW kids traders

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  1. people as usual I bring you thoughts that are unique and brilliant

    I am afraid of those that are coming


    every generation is smarter and more capable, there are kids starting out in trading that are beating the learning curve WAY sooner

    I've seen them learn like bullets, They have computers and they know how to use them

    While I am able to dominate 99% of you reading this

    I fear that these DHA molecule sucking, geeky little fanatics will one day put me out of my trading job

    IS my fear substantiated, or did I lose it after years of paranoia
  2. first borns gotta go :D :D
  3. [​IMG]
  4. there is this neighbor kid

    god damn genius, and I see others too

    I really don't remember being this smart as a kid


    I hope they all go into science and become full time beggars for grants

    rather than traders after my fat skin
  5. aaaaaa how can I say this and not seem dumb

    aaaaaaaa..........you know.......like.........

    I don't get it
  6. I highly doubt you beat 99% of the crowd here, at least judging from your comments and how you entertain yourself. But hey, if believing in it gives you a confidence boost...go for it.

  7. Actually, kid nowadays are dumber than ever. Most of them can hardly string a sentence together with the correct spelling and grammar.

    And at the rate cretins multiply compared to smart ones, I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  8. legend in his own mind!!!:D
  9. I agree. Also, if these "kids" are the young quants and fund managers driving this market up (on good news, bad news, no news, etc.), they're no brighter than the Gen-X kids in 1999 and early 2000....


  10. thats why companys dont hire older people . Younger minds learn
    quicker and adapt quicker . Older people are set in there own ways and dony want to change with the times. I am an older person and do have these bad habits .
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