I am afraid of Russian traders & other foreign traders, they spike on ET as well

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mikasa, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. mikasa


    am I the only one noticing up number of ruskies on ET, (no I am not talking about MOD Ivanovich)

    plenty of them showing up, my concern is that they seem to be
    above average according to their posts

    I don't fear American or Canadian competition, based on their posts
    99% don't have a clue. But these foreigners are after my edge.

    Sure I am smart but I can't underestimate some hungry Russian
    kid sweating under those futures charts planing to do me in :eek:

    they have a can do attitude and that's dangerous.

    PS: I am an immigrant from commie country so I know what the
    hell I am talking about. :eek:
  2. 152 posts in January alone and you are worried about others stealing your edge ? Perhaps you should quit posting on ET and worry about yourself rather than others.
  3. mikasa


    I am bored, besides

    you can read all my posts and you won't see me disclose anything about my edge

    I make a thread like this because as you can see, I am very forward thinking person, kind a like Pentagon Think-Tank :)
  4. mikasa


    there is one way to deal with this but it ain't pretty..........or ethical

    I could start giving seemingly good but completely false information for trading. This would lead people to dead ends, and waste of time and resources

    Kinda like Jack Hershey :p :p :D :D :D :D :D :D
  5. Don't worry , you won't lose your edge to competitors....you have to trade first...
  6. mikasa


    eheheh so predictable, its as if I've read the thread before I made it
  7. lexcorp


    That must be depressing! Reading this thead the once was painful enough.
  8. Fortunately, trading is an individual sport.....it is all up to you wether you win or not! :cool:
  9. mikasa


    good one, thank you for being somewhat original :D
  10. mikasa


    an old dog like you has seen it all :)

    I respect you a lot, You knew about Private Foreign Central bankers running USA when I was just a pup.
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