I am a girl trader from London, I wonder if ...

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  1. Hey guys :p

    I am a girl trader from London, hi, hi ...
    I wonder if I should get a breast augmentation :confused:
    Here in London, many girls with big breasts get on the covers of magazines and tabloids ... and then they get fame and money :p
    But me, I like numbers and stuff ... I wear glasses and a ponytail. In high school, I didn't have a boyfriend cause all the boys called me "the mouse" behind my back :D ... but I didn't care cause I knew I was smarter than all those losers :cool:
    I graduated a valedictorian and now I want to make a lot of money and "buy" a model boyfriend or maybe a celebrity :confused:
    So I ask you: should I get a breast augmentation in order to trade better ?
  2. AAA30


    Simple question. Yes.
  3. softdown, do you go down soft?
  4. Hey AAA30,

    Thanks for the reply ... are you a boy or a man ? :)
    The more I think about it, the more it seems that it's a good idea ... :p
    Now, should I go one size up or two sizes up :confused:
    And to all the boys out there ... come on, don't be shy, speak up ! A girl likes all the attention she can get :D
    Maybe I should promise you that once I have the breast augmentation I will send a photo of my puppies to all that talked to me when I was flat ... :cool:
    Would you like that ?
  5. no, perky is cuter

    I like them small

    besides, techniques aren't that good yet, right now you have synthetic silicon boobs, but in the future your boobs might be enlarged using your own body fat. Although the body fat method has it's own problems, like the fat dissipating after a while thus decreasing the large effect after a while, making you have to do a new enhancement, there are some companies now that are performing tests with these natural breast augmentation using new techniques which could eliminate these disadvantages

    also as a trader you would want to care about money first, and pleasure later. I wouldn't call $10k cheap to spend on cosmetics
  6. Could you send a detailed photograph, or make a video, so that we can get a better idea of what we're dealing with.
  7. candles


    I can think of two possible problems with the identity of the OP, and it rhymes with "schmesticles"
  8. Hey guys,

    When you reply to me, tell me whether you are boy/man/girl cause it's important when taking advice ... girls sometime deceive other girls :( ... and men are pigs sometimes :D


    I have never gone down yet ... but I will once I get myself a cute boyfriend :eek: ... but I need a lot of money for that ... so I need to improve my trading ...


    You bad boy ! :D ... I am too shy for that ... and besides, I'm afraid that if you boys see me now, you might not want to talk to me on this board :(
    So you should imagine me a hot chick, like Meghan Fox, but with glasses and a lot smarter, hi, hiiii :D


    Are you a college boy ? Cause I think college boys are cool ...:cool: ... but not the frat boys or the jocks :p
    So you like small ones ... but if I make them bigger I will trade better, right ?
  9. If the girl was called a mouse behind her back than why the fuck would anyone care if she gets a breast augmentation or not? Shes still ugly.

    She's also a liar because no valedictorian would post on this forum about breast augmentations.

    Anyone who took this post seriously is about as hopeless as mistaking a trannie for a super model.
  10. I get bored on on the weekends to but this is just silly. It does however make me curious as to if there really are any women on ET.
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