I am a college student and need advice....

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Prop2Be, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Prop2Be


    I am currently a college student and i love trading, i trade with a demo account online. I know that when i graduate in two years trading is what i want to do. However most prop firms i have read about require 5k to start. Tution is over 30k a year, so when i finish i will have some student loans to start paying off, coming up with another 5k would probally not be easy. Should i try to start trading now with a firm while in college? Or should i wait? I really want to trade but i need advise on how to get into the industry and whats the best timing for me to do so...Any advice you can offer would be great, Im just really excited and ready work...
  2. dodo


    the same way that you apply yourself to your studies, do it with trading, theres A LOT of info on this site, do your homework.

    about when to trade nobody can really tell you, is about you, and how you feel, also having a degree wont change much about your trading so you better work your way and you will maybe achieve something one day