I am 98% convinced that the way to profitably trade by yourself is like this

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    It's all semantics. Trend follower? Or trend anticipator? Who cares? Either way, both require trading on the right side of a trend to profit. Old or new....
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  2. Not really. See a reversal is before the trend is established. So you're actually trading prior to any trend.
    And picking reversals is way harder than spotting existing trends.

    But yeah, as a general rule, without any benefit to a trigger-puller, you want to buy low and sell high (sell high then buy back low).
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    But the profits are made trading WITH the trend. So "both require trading on the right side of a trend to profit" is correct.
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  4. To me, 1a2b3cppp is the only person on this forum who has posted a profitable journal with entries called in real time. So I'm not sure what you're talking about.
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    Maybe adding at a higher less favorable entry price and trailing a stop has an immense benefit in that it addresses the age old problem of exiting trades too early.

    As trading is a psychological battle maybe scaling up is worth far more than it initially seems.

    The real answer lies in each and every person's own Journal. Good for some. Not good for others
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  6. Correct. It is more closely related to fortune telling, and fortune losing if you are a fan of the Texas hedge, as you claim to be.
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  7. Look up idiot in the trading dictionary and see:

    those who can't trend trade, claim others can't as well.
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  8. I'm uncertain what Texas hedge means.
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  10. I rarely trade options so I don't understand how that applies to me.
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