I am 98% convinced that the way to profitably trade by yourself is like this

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  1. Absolutely. Predicting numbers might be difficult because each number is unrelated to the last. Although with trading, it's not really. If price isn't going anywhere, eventually someone is going to buy. When price keeps falling, people are going to buy once it gets cheap enough. Totally different.
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  2. Selecting tops and bottoms is not trend following.
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  3. Brother, why do you sound mad for? Trading isn't an easy game.. It take years of practice and watching the charts. Life itself is not easy.. If you want to pick tops and bottoms then go ahead.. There's no right or wrong way to trade.. Whatever is working is the right way..
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  4. DTB2


    He's dissed every style of trade there is. Yet he keeps asking for a setup. I gave him one with an illustration too. He must be trading it because he never came back to rip it. LOL

    The guy's gotten tons of help and continues to squawk.
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    After 10 years of membership and 2882 posts if you still haven't discerned how to trade profitably, perhaps you're wrong about everything.
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    If you had a profitable method, you wouldn't post this thread seeking confirmation. Obvious eh?
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    There are apparently posters who get paid to start new threads. A matter of keeping enough traffic. $$$
    OP is one of them.He started in les then 6 weeks 18 new threads. Not really the average poster.
    Result is a number of stupid and/or useless threads. We also see what I call reanimation of previous death threads, by starting the same subject again. Examples are: trends don't exist, become millionaire with $1500 starting capital, TA does not work...
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    Its certainly impossible to explain to you.
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  9. m-m-maybe... If you're picking reversals, then you're not following the trend, you're leading it. It seems to me an important distinction because the methodologies are different.
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    Yep. There are basically only two strategies for trading - buy because price has been going up, or sell because price has been going up. Each makes absolutely no sense to practitioners of the other.
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