I am 25, but I whish I was 85, so I could die.

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  1. I am wondering if other people feel this way.

    I don’t find this life to be so great, it doesn’t have to do with money, my day trading is more of a hobby really, I could easily do without it.

    I suppose the cliché is, weight of the world crushed my spirit. The more informed you are the worse things look. (keep in mind there is informed and then there is informed)

    I wish I was old, I would give my indicators to government, and I could just go, you know what I mean.

    My favorite thing to so is sleep, and often when I wake up, I wish I could sleep more.

    No, I don’t think I am depressed, I think I just understand how pointless at the end everything we do is. I stopped clubbing, I stopped being interested in ladies.

    Game of politics just seems so sick, don’t know how I could stand it before.

    No I would never commit suicide, but sure wish I was 85.

    Does this make sense to any of you out there, OR am I just crazy by your definition.
  2. Crazy definately
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    hm. sad post to say the least. i would not be so sure that you
    are not in a depression. it seems like you have grey glasses on.
    all your points on government and so forth are true, yet you
    oversee all the positive, interesting and inspiring in life. and i
    would call that a clear sign of depression. i mean you seem to
    be smart and you probably do not think that literally everybody
    who is in a better mood than yourself is just too stupid to see
    that there is no reason for feeling any better than you do yourself.

    reminds me of a story i read in a book on richard feynman. you
    know, the nuclear physicist. he was a very curious person throughout
    his life and when he was in the final stage of cancer, leaving him
    unconsciousness in his hospital bed with his family nearby, he
    would suddenly sit up (by doing so shocking everybody, which he
    had always loved to do) and saying: "if this is it, then dying is
    plain boring". laid back and passed away.

    from where you currently are you cannot judge whether you are
    realising truth or wasting your life. so start your journey and find
    out for sure that you are realising truth. prove yourself that all
    this meditation, sports, theater acting, singing, yoga is pure
    nonsense. then, at 85, die.
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    Yes that makes sense,
    however politics/redemption is another thread.

    Agree on getting proper amount of sleep, LOL;
    disagree with the assumption you are informed, sounds like you get plenty of garbage thru national negative news media.

    With all due respect ,ConfusedNOt nickname ,thats misinformation, much of it.

    Hope this helps;
    wisdom is the principal thing

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    You most certainly are depressed, whether you realize it or not. These are some of the most classic symptoms of depression.
    Oh, you're most definitely depressed. Or gay.

  7. confused,NOT: Talk it over with a therapist first of all, if it is serious.

    I feel the same way sometimes, don't care about the money, don't care about possessions that money can buy. My health problem limits the things I can do anyway.

    I suggest becoming uninformed. Tune out ALL of the news sources. News is literally toxic, a poison. It will kill your spirit.

    Nothing we do is pointless. Everything that we do or don't do has consequences for ourselves or others.

    Find some kind of adventure of discovery. Do something you have never done before. Travel somewhere, even to a small town you've never been to before.

    Help someone. Volunteer at an organization. Find someone that has it worse than you do.
  8. I agree here... you need to speak with a professional about what is going on in your mind. It may not be depression, but something doesn't look right.
  9. Seek help.

    Every waking second should be cherished.

    Find God.

    Michael B.
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    You definitely have symptoms of depression. Don’t take it lightly, it can become very ugly.

    1. The first think you MUST do is get out of your bed.
    2. Start walking and exercising (at least 30 minutes per day).
    3. Go shopping etc. and find something to spend your time without constantly worrying about something.

    You must realize that the human brain is a machine and you have started to PROGRAM it constantly with negative thoughts. Your body reacts accordingly. You MUST break this loop.
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