I am 16 and want to trade!

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    That`s right!

    I go to Mark Twain International school here in Romania where I will be taking the International Baccalaureate in 2010

    As of next Monday, I am to inform my teachers not only what University and what domain in particular interests me, but also what subjects I will be choosing to take and be tested on for the IB.

    Now, after a lot of research from my part, I have decided I want to go to Cass Business School (London) in hopes of one day working for a bank as a trader.

    To do this, I wish to get accepted to their Investment and Financial Risk Management degree programme...

    number of places? 70

    I`m sure getting accepted has a lot to do with the subjects you chose to study and obviously the final grade you get for each exam, which is why I now feel a little pressured on what to choose.

    here are my options:


    History at High Level / Standard Level
    Geography at High Level / Standard
    Ecosystems and Societies at Standard

    Biology at HL / SL
    Physics at HL / SL
    Chemistry at HL / SL

    Mathematics at HL / SL
    Computer Science at HL / SL

    Theater SL
    Music SL
    Visual Arts SL

    *now we must chose 2 High Level (HL) subjects and 2 Standard Level (SL) subjects. I can also chose to take Computer Science instead of one of the subjects in the arts category (theater, music, visual arts)

    So what subjects would best benefit me if I were to apply to Cass? Any input will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!