I always buy at the top!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. bat1


    and sell at the lows just like clock work......

    buy high sell low...lol

    I'm going broke. help!
  2. frozzor


    reverse your buy and sell keys
  3. How long have you been trading?

  4. bat1


    2 yrs

    I buy when there is Greed and sell when there is fear

    I need to reverse this it's hard to do:mad:

    no guts no glory I guess
  5. can you call out your plays?
  6. No two traders here on ET trade a like, I kinda dout that would do much good.
  7. I noticed I did this when I had the balance to day trade. I always bought at resistance levels. I could buy randomly and it becomes a resistance level 10 out of 10 times. I could even short randomly and it becomes a support level! I am just that kind of person.

    I am always watching the bid/ask order flow and I am wondering what I am locking on to subconsciously that would make me buy the worst price level. Maybe it's the price moving up and down at a higher frequency as it hits a resistance that excites me to jump in, disregarding other indicators [thought, even when indicators say it's entry time, I never fail to hit resistance!]. I do not freaking know why this happens! I admit, I didn't have a rigorous entry/exit plan. Likely, just lack of discipline and stupidity that got me into trouble which I am now blaming on some subconscious signals the market is sending me.
  8. Then stop doing it ! :]
  9. The HFT's have a mind manipulation algo to make us buy at the top and sell at the bottom. We need to be extra careful! :mad:
  10. bigb


    heres an idea.....dont trade when near the highs or lows of the day.....wait for a reversion to the mean, poc, value area, ma, something else to intiate a trade. Leave the bottom picking to the big boys
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