I aint going down like them LTCM boys, yall buy blackswan insurance?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ghettotrade, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. Nigga aint going down like them LTCM boys.

    why dont you guys buy black swans insurance?

    it only costs me 50 dollars a quarter to buy insuranance for me. about a few lapdances.

    anyhow kicking back and smoking my bong I market to market my deriviativivies portfolio now

    if i had assigned all today at spy/iwm price today I would be borrowing 16.62% on equitys.

    but I do that stresstest shit every day.

    anyhow see if markets dropped 70% nigga be getting reg-t vilotation since I calculate the 50% since i pretend i was assigned stock. not the 20% options margin

    but for 40 bucks i am safe since i got a condom (them long put) that puts a 50% floor protection

    so no margin calls I can close em puts cash out and use the money to get rid of margin debt and buy some cheaps spy/iwm stocks with the left overs.

    so why yall niggas never buy black swans insurance, how come LTCM did not do this. I aint graduated from yale but shit you gotta have burglary insurance at your crib.
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  3. pma


    Hey Ghetto-much respect for your handle:cool:
  4. haha classic...I believe you are the first person to successfully weave hip hop vernacular into market talk
  5. LOL talking about Black Swan, looks like one happened today. Good call on that.
  6. See niggas, couple of hours after I post about gettin in some blackswan insurance.

    We gets a black swan. now talk about timing.

    shit markets futures looking to go rock bottom tuesday, my ass is insured.

    hope yall punks got some insurance so you dont get marginated and portfolio liquidated by the man.
  7. damnnn nigga, you da man. it only cost one benjamin to protect yo ass from doe's white crackas in new york marginatizing yo account?

    share yo next trade with a brotha
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    if in real life you actually ARE afro-american and call your derivatives "deriviativivies" you are officially my hero.

    if you arent and dont then you arent, and arent.