I admire the House Republicans for growing some BALLS

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  1. Glad to see that these guys have the honor and balls to stick with their ensential beliefs that this is a FREE market.. and tampering with it needs to be looked at very carefully. However that said they need to participate and advise Americans in simple terms why they think this rush-to-loan Billions without any check and balances is ill-advised in the form that (horse's-ass Bush) proposed (of course HE didn't really propose anything since he is too stupid and uninformed to actually make any proposal that is the result of creative thinking)!

    I also admire Sentaors Dodd and Reid for demonstrating competence and coolness in the face of adversity. Hopefully Dodd will get a cabinet post if he desires after Obama wins!
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    Their balls do tend to drop when they are in the minority. Guess that's their lot in life. I couldn't disagree more about Reid, however. His first comments were to come out and blame republicans. That's not going to get the deal done. Let the dems go out on a limb without the republicans. That would show balls.
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    Reid is a disgusting human being.
  4. well he also praised those republicans who he thought were sticking it out and engaging!
  5. you mean that unlike Obama he is a Washington politician just like McCain!
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    you mean the ones with no balls? Just kidding. As long as the word is engaging, not kowtowing.
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    I won’t deny that I am a disgruntled ex republican. I am a man without a party, at least presently.

    When one is sleeping, and thinks he hears something, his eyes will open just for a second or two. Did he hear something, or was it his imagination? That describes my experience when I heard the republicans were revolting. Was it real, or just a dream?
  8. glad too see you growed some balls man! like i was totally ragging on yer azz.. buttnow,nice to see some balls..

    thats wats this cuntry needs.big balls.solves everything

    i mean, once lost YOU CANT REPLACE A BIG SET O'BALLS!!

    fuk smarts, i' like balls
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    I've suspected that all along.

    At least you came out.
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    Now, they've got to create a better energy strategy for the country

    :) :) :)
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