I added SLE to my longterm portfolio

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  1. Today, it closed up 2.76% giving my portfolio a nice kick, in addition to my recent addition of BP as a hedge against increasing energy costs giving my portfolio an additional 5.81% kick over the last day. I also just added some UN stock (Unilever) and some PG as well.

    So this recent basket consists of PG,UN,GE,UN,SLE,BP

    SLE has been battered for some time and has been doing poorly the last few years due to some bad decisions to over diversify into all kinds of markets but SLE seem to be taking steps of the last 2 years to clean up its act and they seem to have good international exposure as well.

    I might sell covered calls on them as well to collect additional premiums during this recession.

    I am still looking at other stocks to add throw into the mix.
  2. here is a list of all Saralee brands.

    I am a big fan of those hilshire farms sausages :)

    Go Meat! :)


    I like the Polish Kielbasa is quite tasty with fried eggs etc..


    On Unilever, they have an interesting website I like to visit a companies website and read up on things and see what they are doing etc..

    Here is an interesting link. The following the money is an interesting PDF and they have a few others.


    Ades or Adez - soya-based drinks
    Alsa - desserts and syrups
    Amora - French mayonnaise and dressings
    Annapurna - salt and wheat flour (India)
    Becel - also known as Flora/Promise; health-aware: margarine, spreads, cooking oil, milk, fermented milk
    Ben and Jerry's - ice cream
    Best Foods - mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, peanut butter and salad dressings
    Bertolli - pasta sauces and olive oil (ambient/chilled & frozen)
    Bifi - a mini salami
    Blue Band - Family-aware: margarine, bread, cream alternatives
    Bovril - beef extract
    Breyers - ice cream
    Brooke Bond - tea
    Bru - instant coffee (India)
    Brummel & Brown - margarine
    Bushells - tea (Australia, New Zealand)
    Calvé - sauces, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, peanut butter
    Capitan Findus - children's frozen food
    Conimex - Asian spices (Netherlands)
    Colman's - mustard
    Continental - side dishes
    Country Crock - margarine
    Du Darfst (Germany)
    Elmlea - Pourable cream available in different varieties (UK)
    Findus - frozen foods (Italy, UK, Scandinavia)
    Flora- margarine, light butter, jams
    Gallo - olive oil
    Heartbrand - ice cream (umbrella logo)
    Hellmann's - mayonnaise
    I Can't Believe It's Not Butter - margarine spread
    Imperial Margarine - margarine
    Jif Lemon & Lime Juice
    Karo - syrups
    Kissan - Ketchups Squashes and Jams (India and Pakistan)
    Klondike - Ice cream sandwiches
    Knorr (Knorr-Suiza in Argentina) - sauces, stock cubes, ready-meals, meal kits, ready-soups, frozen food range
    Lady's Choice - mayonnaise, peanut butter and sandwich spreads (Philippines)
    Lan-Choo - tea (Australia/New Zealand)
    Lao Cai Seasoning
    Lawry's and Adolph's
    Lipton - tea
    Lipton Ice Tea - ready-to-drink tea (partnership with PepsiCo)
    Maille - French mustard
    Maizena - corn starch
    Mazola - edible oils
    Marmite - yeast extract spread (except in Australia and New Zealand)
    McCollins - tea (Peru)
    Mrs. Filbert's - margarine (USA)
    Paddle pop - Icecream (Australia)
    Pfanni - Bavarian potato mixes
    PG Tips - tea (UK)
    Phase - cooking oil
    Planta - margarine
    Popsicle - Frozen treats
    Pot Noodle - cup noodles
    Promise - see Becel/Flora
    Ragú - pasta sauces
    Rama - margarine
    Royal - pastas (Philippines)
    Red Rose Tea - tea (Canada)
    Sana - Margarine (Turkey)
    Saga - tea (Poland)
    Scottish Blend - tea
    Skippy - peanut butter
    Slim·Fast - diet products
    Sunlight Soap (Africa)
    Stork margarine
    Streets (ice cream) (Australia/New Zealand)
    Turun sinappi - mustard (Finland/Sweden)
    Unilever Foodsolutions - professional markets (food service)
    Unox - soups, smoked sausages
    Vaqueiro - cooking margarine, cooking oil
    Wish-Bone salad dressing
  3. Longterm recession portfolio basket.

    SLE up during the day but closed even. still doing nicely last few days, PG up of course, BP up again GE holding up nicely, UN threw in a few bones as well.

    indexes closed lower basket closed higher.

    Right now the way things are going these stocks should provide safety during this recession. Good international exposure and weak dollar actually help, SLE has a large international presence which should help in the next few months.

    People need to wipe their ass, brush their teeth, eat and wear deodorant and pump gas into those big SUVs regardless of how the economy does. International exposure is a nice bonus. And dividends of course a good thing.