Hyundai Seizes ‘Once-in-Lifetime’ Chance as Crisis Slows Toyota

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  2. I guess no one has a Hyundai :D
  3. I mentioned a couple of years back that in 5 years they would overtake Toyota. I own 2 Toyotas, great cars, but Toyota has been resting on it's laurels for a few years now. They have had some issues with QC.

    Hyundai/Kia have been making huge improvements. I would buy a Spectra before a new Corolla and a new Sonata before Camry. Better value, cheaper cost, and much better warranty. Fortunately, I don't need or want a new car.
  4. I have to agree with you on this. The current generation Toyota Camry's interior looks like it came out of a toy factory - hard, gray plastics nearly everywhere. The Sonata, especially the 2009 update, arguably has one of the best interiors in its class. Considering how Toyotas no longer have bulletproof reliability and how much Hyundais have improved, there is no reason not to take a look at a Hyundai.
  5. Come on guys, simple economics when shit hits the fan in terms of the economy, people gravitate towards cheaper stuff...

    I would not be surprised to finally see the introduction of cheap chinese garbage.

    Hyndai is not going to overtake toyota. EVER. Toyota has brand name and hyundai's management still does not understand that in order to sell luxury cars you need a separate division (hyundai genesis is a travesty)
  6. About 20 years ago, industry experts said that a Japanese luxury brand (Lexus) would never sell much less compete with its German rivals. Today, Lexus is the best selling luxury brand here in the U.S. While it is unlikely Hyundai will overtake Toyota anytime soon, I wouldn't say that it is impossible.
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    Why don't you ask sony about samsung?
  8. people will gravitate towards better value.

    Hyundai has improved leaps and bounds when it comes to quality and product sophistication. I get Hyundai loaners from the dealer when I get my car worked on, and some of them are excellent for the price, especially their "luxury" models like Genesis.

    They also have a rear wheel drive coupe with over 300hp that's pretty cheap. Its not a completely developed package yet (some handling deficiencies and performance refinements still needed), but Hyundai is definitely on it's way. I also doubt they'll overtake Toyota, but Toyota doesn't have any performance cars, so I don't like them.
  9. A statement based on sheer fantasy.

    Initial quality means little. Long-term reliability is what matters. Cars like Hondas and Toyotas will last 200-300,000 miles. Ask an auto mechanic about the low quality of Kia and Hyundai. Same goes for American cars. After 100,000 miles, you are replacing engines, trannies, and other things.

    Look at how a Toyota holds its value compares to a Hyundia, such as after 5 years. That is what the market thinks about longterm value & reliability of cars.